Wanna Help?

Ways you can help Crafty Mart grow:

  1. Volunteer
    Crafty Mart is run primarily by volunteers both in advance and day of show. To learn more join our group on Facebook.
  2. Sponsor
    Crafty Mart is looking for sponsorship from local businesses for our events. If you are interested please email us here.
  3. Contribute to our Crafty Bag
    We’ll be giving away 100 Crafty Bags to shoppers and volunteers the day of the show. If you’d like to contribute promotional items email us.
  4. Apply to be a vendor
    If you’re a crafter or artisan and would like to have a table at Mini Mart or Crafty Mart, please check out our Upcoming Events page.
    We’re primarily looking for idiosyncratic and unusual arts and crafts. We strive to find a variety of handmade objects that highlight the breadth of creative people in the Akron area and provide them with a venue for their hard work.